Building National and Regional Growth Corridors in South Asia

ADB's South Asia Department hosted a 2-day workshop on challenges of corridor creation and management; modern approaches to industrial cluster development; multimodal transport connectivity; urban and industrial clusters; industrial zones, employment generation and skills development; and investments in last-mile infrastructure to boost manufacturing, services and trade.

Participants included experts from Deloitte Consulting, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, McKinsey Global Institute, Center for Policy Research and other leading research institutions. SARD Director General Juan Miranda emphasized how corridors not only transform domestic economies by boosting manufacturing and employment, but also help the region in joining dynamic global production networks.

Sector: Transport

Date: 16-17 Oct 2013

Location: Manila, Philippines

Contact Person: Sabyasachi Mitra

Bhutan: Workshop on Intelligence, Information Gathering, and Investigation

Date: TBD
Sector: Trade Facilitation
Venue: Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Consultation Visit to the Kolkata Port/Customs and Bilateral Discussion with CBEC India for CTD Automation

Date: 6-11 Aug 2017
Sector: Trade Facilitation
Venue: Kolkata and New Delhi, India

Dissemination Seminar for KSP Studies for the Colombo-Trincomalee Economic Corridor

Date: 3 Aug 2017
Sector: Economic Corridor Development
Venue: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Southwest Bangladesh Economic Corridor Joint ADB-KSP Workshop

Date: 30 Jul 2017
Sector: Economic Corridor Development
Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh